Hawthorns:   May Blossom:
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                                                                             Hawthorn:                                                                                                  May Blossom:        

Hawthorn: May, Quick, Whitethorn.                                                                  Cratagægus oxyacantha. N.O. Rosaceae

Part used: dried haws or fruits and to a lesser extent, flowers and leaves.

Medicinal action and uses: cardiac, diuretic, astringent, tonic. mainly used as a cardiac tonic in organic and functional heart troubles both flowers and berries are a stringent and useful in decoction to cure sore throats. a useful diuretic in dropsy and kidney troubles.

The leaves have been used as an adulterant for tea.

An excellent liqueur is made from Hawthorn berries with brandy.

Timber: formally the timber, when of sufficient size, was used for making the small articles. the root wood was also used for making boxes and combs; the wood has a fine grain and takes a beautiful polish.

It makes excellent fuel, making the hottest wood-fire known, and used to be considered more desirable than oak for oven-heating.  Charcoal made from it has been sent to melt pig-iron with out of the aid of a blast.

Horticulture: the stock is employed not only for grafting varieties of its own species, but also for several of the garden fruits closely allied to it, such as the medlar and pear.