Self Heal
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Self Heal:

Self Heal: Prunella Vulgaris.                                                                                                                      N.O.Labiatiæ

Synonyms; Prunella. All Heal. Hook-Heal. Slough Heal. Brunella. (U.S.A; Heart of the Earth. Blue Curls.)

Part used: Whole herb, collected when in best condition in mid-summer.

Habitat: Common throughout the British Isles and Europe. Abundant in pastures and waste ground. In open and exposed situations the plant is diminutive, while in more sheltered spots it is larger in all its parts.

Medicinal actions and uses: atringent, styptic and tonic.

"... there is not a better wound herb in the world", says Gerard, " than that of Self Heale is... for this very herbe without the mixture of any other ingredient, being onely bruised and wrought with the point of a knife upon a trencher or the like, will be brought into the form of a salve which will heal any green wound even in the first intention, after a very wonderful manner... the decoction of Prunell made with wine and water doth join together and make whole and sound all wounds, both inward and outward, even as bugle doth... "